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AEAS 7 FY21 Q2 How to be an Upstander: Getting started

Getting Started

Welcome to the second quarter of the newly launched AEAS 7 Leadership Learning Program. This bibliography was built by your library and is for all USAICoE Soldier and Civilian leaders who want to learn more on topics that directly support Project Inclusion, EO, SHARP, Mentor Programs, and Suicide Prevention. 

This series will span the full fiscal year with a quarter devoted to each topic:

These bibliographies, or lists of resources, are not intended to be a check list that you're required to complete, but are meant to be used as a resource for current and lifelong learning. Look through the list and pick 2-3 books you'd like to read this quarter; maybe ask a friend to join you and discuss. Or an office group may decide to create a Teams channel and have ongoing discussion about a podcast series or have each person read a different article and then share out summaries in the channel with the group. We created these lists to provide a variety of resources (books, articles, videos, podcasts) for learners of all styles and hope to encourage self-directed education and community dialogue. Click here for a printable PDF of bibliography

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