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Professional Development

Major General Mick Ryan's 2021 Reading List

For the fourth year in a row, Maj. Gen. Mick Ryan has compiled a reading list for professional development that the Modern War Institute publishes. Each installment has generated a wide range of interest from military professionals—in the United States and his native Australia, as well as among military forces of allies and partners.

"This list of readings and other PME (professional military education) resources is not meant to be a single-source, comprehensive reading program. It is instead intended to form a small (and expandable) collection of resources for those who wish to begin (or re-engage in) their journey of exploration in the many tenets of our profession. It consists of a range of resources beyond just books that permits the military and national security professional to connect into a global discourse on strategic challenges, as well as professional education and development. This enables each of us to reach out to fellow travelers seeking enlightenment about the profession of arms and national security issues." - Maj. Gen. Mick Ryan