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How Do I Find a Book?

The easiest and quickest way to find and get a book is to stop by a librarian’s desk. All of our librarians can quickly find books for you in our catalog and pull them from the shelves for you in just a few moments. In fact, if you’d like to call a staff member at (520) 533-4100, they can pull a particular book for you and have it waiting at their desk when you arrive at the library to check it out.  

However, perhaps you’d like to learn how to find the book yourself. In order to do that, the easiest route is to go to the library’s homepage, located at using your cellphone or a computer.  

On the library's main page, you will find a search bar at the top. Enter the title or author of the book or a relevant keyword in order to search for your item. To look for local holdings, click the "Catalog" tab. After reviewing the results related to the topic, make a selection by clicking on the title.  

The next screen shows more information about the book. Reviewing the Availability tab displays the book’s location, call number, and availability status of the book. The Summary tab reviews the description, table of content’s subjects and summary. After writing down the call number or using your cellphone, head to the bookshelves. If you need further assistance, check out a library map for further guidance.  

The books at the MI Library are arranged by Library of Congress call numbers the signs at the end of each row show the range of call numbers included in that row. To find the call number, start with the letters at the top of the call number, working down the label line by line treating the second line as a whole number and the third and any additional lines of the decimal the last line is usually the date of publication.  Library of Congress books are organized by subject so you can browse in the immediate area to find other books that may be useful. Take the books to any of our available library technicians for check out.  

If you have questions about finding books in the library or need assistance accessing them, we are happy to help. Please contact us at (520) 533-4100 or stop by the library today.