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Soldiers' Stories | FY21 Women Soldiers: Welcome


Welcome to the Library's newest reading series, Soldiers' Stories, which will run the full fiscal year with two-month segments to put focus on the lives of Military Intelligence Soldiers and other service members. This third part will look at women who worked on Intelligence efforts, Soldiers' experiences in the Army, and from other Services.  

This series is for anyone interested in learning more about the lives of Military Intelligence Soldiers. The following months will highlight stories from:


From left, Lt. Gen. Karen Gibson, Lt. Gen. Mary O'Brien, Maj. Gen. Laura Potter, Rear Adm. Heidi Berg, and Rear Adm. Kelly Aeschbach.

Barred from Combat, These Women Rose to the Top of Military Intelligence

In candid interviews, five senior officers reveal the challenges and opportunities they've faced, from sexism to mentoring today's rising leaders.

Defense One spoke to five women in senior intelligence posts. We asked why they chose intelligence as a career field, what institutional challenges and opportunities they faced along the way, and why some of them say they’ll likely never reach the highest military echelons: combatant commanders and Joint Chiefs of Staff.