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A-Z Listings: Paid Subscriptions

A-Z Subscription Access

Browse the list below for current, paid ejournal and specialty-database subscriptions.

Quick Links -popular eJournals


American Government has more than 13,000 primary and secondary sources, including 2,500 documents, 4,000 images, 250 maps, and 250 audio and video recordings, including biographies of historical and present government figures as former presidents, as well as a continually updated roster of key members of government, such as cabinet members, Congress members, and state governors. Builds students' contextual understanding of key concepts in American government with more than 260 Course Essential Video modules recorded by master teachers and scholars.

American History from the colonial era and American Revolution through to the nation's rise to eminence as a global superpower, analyzing American political conflict, economic development, and changing culture; has more than 16,000 primary and secondary sources, including government and court documents, photos, maps, audio and video recordings. Includes nearly 3,300 biographies of famous political and military figures.

World Religions spans more than 50 religions practiced throughout the world, both those that have flourished and those that have disappeared. Important figures, core beliefs, customs and practices, celebrations and holidays, momentous events, significant and sacred places, and more accompany descriptions of the essence of each religion, and daily updates and additions aid researchers in their examination of the continuously metamorphosing role of religion.

World at War: Understanding Conflict and Society has overviews of 50 wars, rebellions, and revolutions, both those commonly taught and those less so, and provides additional analysis of causes and consequences and portraits of opponents. Features the CLIOview tool that allows students to make comparisons and graph statistical data related to countries during wartime, with more than 15 categories including active armed forces, land borders, religious groups and more.

CIAO | Columbia International Affairs Online

Columbia International Affairs Online is the world’s largest online resource of documents and articles devoted to research, analysis, and scholarship on international politics and related fields, including security studies, global finance, diplomatic practice, humanitarian law, and global governance.


International Security & Counter Terrorism Reference Center Access to full-text journals including:

  • Stratfor Analysis, Stratfor Geopolitical Diary, Stratfor Forecasts,
  • Journal of Strategic Security,
  • International Journal of Terrorism & Political Hot Spots,
  • Journal of Cryptology, Middle East Quarterly, and Military History. 

World Politics Review  This unique subscription provides analysis of critical global trends to give academics, policymakers and business people the context they need to have the confidence they want.


Gale In Context: Global Issues Integrating news, global viewpoints, reference materials, country information, primary source documents, videos, statistics, and more, Global Issues is updated daily and offers 250 country pages and more than 400 issue pages.

Gale In Context: World History Rare primary sources, reliable reference, and multimedia content are aligned to curriculum and put this vast subject into context for students.

Gale OneFile: Military and Intelligence Access to scholarly journals, magazines, and reports covering all aspects of the past and present military affairs.


Jane's/IHS  module subscriptions are limited to:

  •  All the World's Aircraft: Unmanned 
  •  Intelligence Review 
  •  Military & Security Assessments Intelligence Centre 
  •  Security: Military Capabilities Module 
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - China & Northeast Asia 
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - Russia & the CIS 
  •  Special Forces 
  •  World Air Forces
  •  World Armies
  •  World Navies 


Security Studies collection encompasses ejournals and other papers on cyber security, foreign policy, human security, intelligence & espionage, international law, military studies, peace & conflict studies, and political violence & terrorism. Includes:

  • 75 scholarly journals, military journals, trade journals, and defense newsletters.
  • 10 Open Access journals
  • Up to 20,000 (grey literature) reports from 100 think tanks from all over the world

Military Periscope

Military Periscope  features more than 6,500 weapons, systems and platforms worldwide, this state-of-the-art research tool is known globally for its thorough and accurate information. Military Periscope’s network of reporters around the globe provides insights in timely reports on defense topics making headlines.


NewsBank Access World News Research Collection offers a combination of global, regional and local news, including a unique merging of news formats (full-text articles, web-only content, PDF image editions), this resource supports a diverse range of research needs across an array of academic disciplines for students and faculty. Includes access to: 


CultureGrams provides country reports that go beyond mere facts and figures to deliver a one-of-a-kind perspective on daily life and culture, including the background, customs, and lifestyles of the world's people. Individual reports covering 200+ countries, all 50 United States, and the Canadian provinces, are written and reviewed by in-country experts and are updated as new information becomes available.

History Vault: U.S. Military Intelligence Reports (1911-1941)  After World War I, the U.S. military developed a sophisticated intelligence gathering capability. Concerned with much more than strictly military intelligence, American military attaches and their staffs reported on a wide range of topics, including the internal politics, social and economic conditions, and foreign affairs of the countries in which they were stationed. The following countries are covered in U.S. Military Intelligence Reports: China; France; Germany; Italy; Argentina; Mexico; Soviet Union. The module also includes Biweekly Intelligence Summaries for 1928-1938 and Combat Estimates for Europe and the Western Hemisphere.