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USAICoE Writing Program Resources

MI Library Copyright Guidance

To comply with Army Enterprise Accreditation Standards, Army Libraries are required to provide information and guidance to faculty and students on copyright and copyright laws.  The purpose of these sections is to provide and basic copyright information and guidance and also references and tools concerning copyright laws and regulations.   Please note that CW2 Christopher G. Nason MI Library personnel cannot provide legal advice or interpretation of copyright law; however, we can forward your questions to the local Office of the Staff Judge Advocate.


DA Copyright Policy. It is DA policy to recognize the rights of copyright owners consistent with the Army’s unique mission and worldwide commitments.  As a general rule, copyrighted works will not be reproduced, distributed, or performed without the permission of the copyright owner.

Proponent responsibility.  Proponents are responsible for ensuring that the material published in printed works or in electronic formats and links to online resources conform to the statutory copyright laws and regulatory Army policy and guidance outlined in the references.

Liability for copyright infringement.  In addition, to potential adverse administrative or punitive action against a proponent, the U.S. Government may be sued, and may be required to pay damages for copyright infringement. 

Legal review.  Local intellectual property legal counsel will review requests for copyright releases and for “fair use” determinations.  Use of copyrighted material without the permission of the owner requires a written legal opinion. The local intellectual property legal counsel will consult with the Regulatory Law and Intellectual Property Division of the U.S. Army Legal Services Agency, as needed, in preparation of written legal opinions.


Circular 92, Copyright Law of the United States and Related Laws Contained in Title 17 of the United States Code, DEC 2016, §102, §107, and §108.

Army Regulation 25-30, Army Publishing Program, 3 JUN 2015, Section 2-10, Copyright Material.

Army Regulation 27-60, Intellectual Property, 1 JUN 1993, Sections 4-1 to 4-6.

DA Pamphlet 25-40, Army Publishing Program Procedures, 3 JUN 2015, Section 2-7, Using Copyright Material.

TRADOC Regulation 350-70, Army Learning Policy and Systems, 10 July 2017, Section B-5, Copyright Materials Requirements.


Government Copyright Resources.

Military Copyright Resources.

Academic and Professional Copyright Resources.

Copyright Tools.

  • Copyright Genie.
  • Exceptions for Instructors.
  • Fair Use Evaluator.
  • Public Domain Slider.
  • Section 108.