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USAICoE Writing Program Resources



We are a team of dedicated, learner-centric, experienced educators committed to enhancing writing and communication throughout the MI community.  We are here to support and teach.  We want to help you reduce overall stress and workload related to writing.

We are available for face to face workshops and tutoring or can support you online.  While we have developed a toolkit of resources ready to use, we tailor our support to your unique needs and your timeframe. 

  1. Cadre support
    1. Face to face, personalized workshops – grading writing and norming, how to craft an assignment, how to use and tailor the rubric, clarity and concision for your own writing
    2. Tailored resource development--Help developing instructional materials geared to writing assignments
    3. Point of need writing and grammar support for self-development: grammar videos, writing handbooks, research templates, and online resources
  1. Tutoring - All things writing
    1. Mentoring for papers on grammar, concision, active voice, BLUF
    2. Support for the entire writing process: organizing/brainstorming, rubric alignment, correct formatting for research papers, revision
    3. ESL support, both writing and speaking
    4. Case by case college level writing support
    5. Individualized conferencing
    6. Self-guided Blackboard Classes

Hours and Location