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USAICoE Writing Program Resources

Meet the Team


           Stacy Neuberger-von Hoffman - Writing Program Lead Coordinator/Instructor

Navy brat, Army wife (he’s retired now), so I’ve been around the military all of my life. I obtained a Bachelors in English for the Single-Subject (for teaching in California high schools), and a Masters in English. I worked with homeschooled teens for several years, then I taught firearms safety and shooting at a shooting range in San Diego, California. My husband and I decided to move out of California, which led me to teach various English classes at local community colleges in Alabama and Virginia. I continue to teach English Composition 101 online at the college level. Hating Virginia (allergies and the traffic was worse than LA traffic) led my Husband and I to move to beautiful Sierra Vista, Arizona. I love writing, and wrote my first book at nine. I have written eleven books, four have been published so far, three will never be published, and no, I don’t write under my own name. I have a dark, dry sense of humor. I love animals, and have three cats, Jake, Count Tyrone Rugen, and Wesley. My hobbies (or other jobs) include reading, writing, and art. I have been painting since age fourteen, oil paint is my favorite. I’m also a huge nerd, and know almost any movie reference without having seen the movie, especially horror.


       Floramae Kerr – Writing Program Coordinator

I am passionate about working with writers to communicate effectively. I love to read and learn about everything around me, as a result, I ask a lot of questions and enjoy research. I started college studying science and changed to the arts during my junior year.  While finishing my English degree, I worked in food services, vet sciences and the public schools as a teacher’s assistant and substitute teacher.  I have a background teaching in secondary education for English and Journalism (General, Honors and Advanced Placement) and college level English/Composition (developmental to second year level), Literature, Communication and Humanities. I have mentored countless writers as an English teacher for non-native and native speakers alike. I have two Associate of Arts in English Composition and Cultural Anthropology. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in English Composition with minors in Cultural/Regional Studies and Liberal Arts, and a Master of Arts in Literature with emphasis in comparative sustainability theory. I completed education courses for an Arizona teacher’s certificate for public school. I have published short stories in creative nonfiction and poetry. I have worked with the Writing Program and Instructional Design since 2018. In my spare time, I like to tap dance and cross train for obstacle type races.  


     Lindy Nicholas-Hatton – Writing Tutor

I believe in life-long learning, whether through formal education or informal learning. Writing can be a challenge, but one that can be conquered. Continually learning and challenging ourselves is what keeps us young, smart, and vibrant. Writing is a tool for self-expression, and like any tool, we hone our writing skill with practice. I have used writing throughout my life, personally and professionally. I earned a master’s degree in English Education from the University of Arizona and subsequently earned five associate degrees in Education, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Avionics, Electronics, and Unmanned Aircraft. After moving to Sierra Vista in 2004, I taught at Cochise College as an instructor of English Composition 101 and Preparatory English. Before becoming a staff member with the USAICoE Writing Program, I worked for eleven years on Fort Huachuca, instructing maintenance on three Unmanned Aircraft Systems. I remarried in 2012, and we have four grown, independent children and two grandchildren. In my spare time, I like to read, write, cross-stitch, and spend time with my family and cats.


     Stephanie Kline – Writing Tutor

My name is Stephanie Kline, I am one of the Writing Tutors for the USAICoE Writing Program here at Fort Huachuca. My wonderful husband and I married ten years ago, and we have three children. We enjoy going to the lake, camping, and my kids are all multi-sport athletes. I received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Arizona… Go Cats! I have a Bachelor’s in Intelligence and a Master’s in English, and worked as a teacher at a local high school until I decided I wanted a change and took this job. I called Sierra Vista home since I was five years old and have enjoyed the small-town life while raising my kids.